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Propecia (finasteride) helps men to deal with hair loss. This medicine stimulates hair growth in the vertex and mid-scalp area and is supposed to be taken regularly to provide for optimum results. Hair loss is a condition caused by serious processes occurring in the body and it can only be treated, but cannot be completely cured. This means that you will be required to take Propecia for the rest of your life as otherwise all the progress you achieved will be lost. Take this drug by mouth with some food or without. Taking Propecia with food can be recommended for patients whose stomach gets easily upset.

If you think you are not benefitting from the medicine your doctor can suggest another method of treatment, as Propecia is unlikely to work for you if no results appear after a year of treatment. If you are taking any other medicines, vitamins or supplements tell your health care provider about it to prevent drug interaction from occurring. In some cases your dosage will need to be adjusted while in some cases you will not be able to take Propecia. Propecia should not be taken or handled by women that may become pregnant or are already expecting, as this can result in a serious damage to the unborn baby.

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